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Target and Clicker Training

Target and Clicker Training Videos

by Marcie Christensen

Here is a video clip of someone who does target and clicker training with her pig. 

As you can see she uses food and a clicker.

Clickers can get purchased at most pet stores or on line. 

She doesn't use words at first.  She just waits until the pig goes to the "target", the orange cone here,

but you could use anything, the she immediately clicks the clicker. 

Then another treat on the ground and waits until the pig find the target, then another immediate click of the clicker. 

After she thinks the pig gets it she starts to add a vocal command, "target". 

The reason for this is you can then tell a pig to "target" without a clicker and the pig will go to it immediately.

Here is another video of Poppy with a puzzle toy by The Dog Fighter by Nina Ottosson. 

This shows just how smart pigs are.

Poppy being taught how to spin using a target and a clicker.

For more training videos by this person search chicletsmom on YouTube.  She has some great ideas.

"Heaven help us now if hogs had kept all five fingers." 

L. Watson