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An additional note on using a ramp:  A week or so ago our local animal control took possession of an older 130 pound female potbellied pig that had lost its home in a house fire.  They would not return the pig to its owners until the overgrown hooves had been trimmed.  They called us and with the help of a couple of CPPA members and some Animal Control Officers we trimmed the hooves.  The owners showed up in an SUV, and we had no crates available big enough for the pig.  Animal control did have a ramp and an exercise pen (see 3 items up).  We circled the pig with the exercise pen, closed it up until it fit
close around her and then walked her and the pen through the shelter and up the ramp into the SUV.  We were really pleased to be able to demonstrate to the animal control people a way of calmly moving animals that can't be easily put on a leash.

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Anesthetic Masks

“Cat Masks” available from:

To see these masks being used open:

Hydraulic Lifting

Table or Platform

Treat Toy

Riff and his Bob-A-Lot

Potbellied Pig Wading Pools

Soft-sided piggy pools!  The pools that we have used in the past are no longer being produced.  At the suggestion of one of our members I looked into horse obstacle course items.  I only found only one source, and they seem to have an item that will work.  It is either 9' or perhaps 12' long (read the may want to contact them or send them some questions), and it appears to be shallower.  The length is probably not a great problem (unless there is a area limitation), and the depth will actually be a great assist, especially to our older pigs.  The old style had 5" soft sides and our older pigs would usually just lay on them and slither into the water.  They seldom ended up with much more than 2" or 3" of water which they happily rolled around in to cool off.  They're not in them to swim...just to cool off.  (They'd prefer a shallow mud puddle.)  The price is $229.95 (the ones we were using were about $250), and the shipping is free.

Hog Panel Fencing

My wife, Marcie, was explaining to one of our recent rescue pig adopters the wonders of "hog panels" to set up temporary or even permanent pens.  The woman looked at her and said,"So it's to fencing what duct tape is to everything else."  THAT'S RIGHT!

Pig House...Storage?
Our friends at SCAMPP ( sent out a great idea for a pig shade area.  Jerry Wimberly (husband of Peggy, who has for years put out SCAMMP’s great newsletter) took some of those all purpose 16 foot long hog panels and formed the above pictured structure.  He stood a panel on one of its short ends (sticking 16 feet in the air) and anchored that short end to the ground with rebar.  He then bent the tall end over and secured the other short end with rebar, adding additional hog panels to reach the desired final size.  Tie the panels together with wire or fencing ties, cover it with shade cloth, and you’re set.  The Wimberlys then grew grape vines over their's to increase the cooling and shade even more. 
Other ideas for this construction might be to cover it with plastic tarps in the winter for a rain shelter.  You could also make it a free standing movable (rather heavy and big, of course) structure by using wire, rope, metal straps or even wood to tie the bottom edges of the hog panel to each other allowing it to be placed on pavement, concrete, grass, or whatever surface you choose.
For years hog panels have been our “go to” for building open pens.  We have always resorted to creating a shade or rain cover by using plastic tarps.  Unfortunately, they tend to tear in the wind and fill with water in the rain.
 This is a GREAT idea, Jerry. 
Thank you
Photos and info from the July 2013 SCAMPP newsletter (

Exercise Pen or X-Pen

Video of an x-pen being used to move a pig and place it in a transport carrier.

”We can only love what we know,
and we can never know completely what we do not love"
Aldous Huxley

Pig Scratcher

What is ScratchnAll?
ScratchnAll is a durable scratcher pad used by animals large and small.  It provides safe relief from itching which plagues barnyard, domestic and zoo animals.  The ScratchnAll animal scratcher pad is easy to install and has the ability to bend over corners and interlock.  Because of its unique shape and features, you can create a pattern which best suits the animals' enrichment needs.

Fly Repellant

Marlies at "Pig Harmony" suggests that to help control flies, "You can get a bottle of Permethrin solution and add that to a spray bottle with water and spray around your yard and concentrate that on the animals' favorite spots where they tend to potty the most."

General Care-Products and Merchandise

This section offers some suggested products and providers of products that we and/or our members
have found useful in living with our potbellied pig companions.  We are not endorsing any particular
product or provider, and we recommend that you research any item before purchasing it to
determine its suitability for your situation.

Sorting Boards or

Sorting Panels

Hoof Trimming Dremmel Tools

Pig Flap Style

Pet Doors

Airline Style Animal

Crates or Kennels

Hoof Trimmers

Laser Therapy and

Magnetic Pulse Therapy Bed

Respond Systems 2400VS Laser System and Maxi-Pulse PEMF Therapy Bed - Contact Lisa Miksis - (800) 722-1228 or 203-481-2810 - -

Potbellied Pig Pet Harnesses

Inside Water Bowls

Outside 5 Gal Bucket Waterer

Treat Toy

Watch video on how to turn this into a pig toy.