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History and Types of Pigs

     The History of Potbellied Pigs

     Pig Domestication

     Vietnam-Potbellied Pigs

     Scientific Classification

     Types of Miniature and Exotic Pigs

     Tiny Pigs ???

     Most Intelligent Animals (check out #2)

     Thinking Pigs

      Privileged Pigs Are More Optimistic

     Frequently Asked Questions

Having a Potbellied Pig in Your Home

     Legal Pets

     What You Should Know

     General Behavior Of Pigs in Captivity


     Spay and Neuter

     Spay/Neuter 2

     Male or Female Pet Potbellied Pig Pets

     Are You a Potential Pig Parent

     Pigs as Pets...Video

     Aggression Problems 1

     Aggression Problems 2


     Zen and the Art of Being Owned By a Potbellied Pig

     Pigs are Hard

Pigs are extremely sociable, enjoying good company,

even if it belongs to another species.