Adoption Referral #12
Presently Available for Adoption

California Potbellied Pig Association, Inc

Arnold is a  Neutered Male Potbellied Pig

What are the approximate sizes of the pigs?
Arnold is about 24 inches tall
Bessie is about 22 inches tall

What is the reason you must give up your
potbellied pig?
We sadly need to give up both pigs because of divorce and moving.
This is heartbreaking for us.  Both Arnold and Bessie are very very sweet.
They are happy and very healthy.

How do they pig react to children?  
They are ok with children, a little shy, but no nipping.  They will roll over for belly rubs.  They both love the water.

Will they take food from your hand without
Yes, both pigs will do this.

Do the pigs live indoors/outdoors or
Both pigs live outdoors

The pigs are located in Rio Linda, California

Please Contact:
Marlene Vallee - 916-541-3311 -
Tamara Rose - 916-877-0484

Bessie is a Spayed Female Potbellied Pig