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My piggy has 4 sweat or scent glands on the backside of her front hooves (ankle area).  I notice that they get little things in them like plugged sweat glands.  I usually take tweezers and gently tug out the little things once a month... and she loves it... but is it normal for those glands to plug..... what exactly are those glands for.... should others clean out their piggies glands? 

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Here is what Dr. John Carr had to say:

"Basically, I leave them alone.  They are the only sweat glands a pig has and other species of pig use similar glands as scent glands - perhaps our pigs used to use them like a cat marking its home.  Peccaries have them above their tail - smells like cheese!  Anyway, my concern with cleaning them is that you might encourage them to fill again and then this might result in an abscess/overproduction".

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