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Southern California Adoptions

For information about potbellied pigs available for adoption in the Southern California area please visit the following sites.


Good afternoon,
First I would like to thank you for your assistance with these piggies! They were all strays that found their way to the shelter. All of them will take treats from your hands, the black ones (with reservation) The white one and the white and black on appear to be much more social. I will get with my animal care staff to see if I can get some more detailed information for you.

Thanks again.
Ryan Long,

Supervising RVT
Riverside County Animal Services
San Jacinto Animal Campus
581 S Grand Ave
San Jacinto CA 92582



Good Afternoon,
I am the shelter lieutenant for City of Long Beach Animal Care Services and am looking for some rescue help and information. Recently we have impounded a stray pot belly pig which we are now looking for placement.  We believe she is around 1 year old, weighs about 55 lbs and is house potty-trained.  Very sweet little girl and now we need to find her a home, as we cannot keep her here at the shelter.  Does your organization take pigs then rescue them out? Do you know some other rescues or resources that might be able to help us find her a home? I have attached her picture, and look forward to hearing from someone! She is very sweet, loves to be pet, and loves attention! Any help or info will be of great use!

Contact:  Heidi Poe  Lieutenant, Animal Care Unit, Animal Care Services Bureau


Office: (562) 570-4882    Animal Care Line (562) 570-7387     Fax (562) 570-3053


Good afternoon,
We are looking for a rescue placement for our potbelly pig Elliot.  He is geriatric and needs more care at this point than we are equipped to give. Our on-staff veterinarians are not pig experts and we would like to make him as comfortable as possible.  He has outlived his 2 pig friends and we would like to see a better outcome for him.  He is going on 15 years old. He currently stays here at our shelter in Irvine with our goat Dakota and 6 hens. If you feel you can help Elliot, please contact me for more details.
Contact:  Shaina Norton   Animal Care Specialist Rescue/Transport
949-724-7450 direct | 949-724-7740 shelter | 949-377-5674 cell | 949-724-7749 fax
CITY OF IRVINE/Animal Care Center, 6443 Oak Canyon Road | Irvine, CA 92618
cityofirvine.org/animals | facebook.com/irvineanimals