California Potbellied Pig Association, Inc

Scientific Classification of Pigs

COMMON NAME:pot-bellied pig, Chinese pot-bellied pig, Asian pot-bellied pig

KINGDOM: Animalia

PHYLUM: Chordata

CLASS: Mammalia

ORDER: Artiodactyla

FAMILY: Suidae

GENUS SPECIES: Sus (pig) scrofa (breeding sow)


John Angelos, UC Davis, VMTH

Pot-bellied pigs are of the same genus (Sus) and species (scrofa) as domestic pigs and wild boars.  Other designations such as "jubatus" and "bittatus" are sub-species names (there are roughly 14 sub-species of pot-bellied pigs). In this context, sub-species equates to breed.  A canine analogy would be the difference between an Irish Wolfhound and a Toy Poodle.  Whereas the two could interbreed and have cross-bred puppies, no matter how you rear and feed a Toy Poodle, it does not grow into an Irish Wolfhound.


W. David Wilson, VMTH Director

Conversely it should be pointed out that you can not undergrow an Irish Wolfhound down to the size of a Toy Poodle. (Editor)

Four oinks and two hooves up.