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Micro Pig Fad

Chris Christensen, CPPA

Sadly every few years some new breeder decides to try and convince potential potbellied pig owners that they have finally created that long promised truly tiny pet pig.  My wife and I fell for the lie 26 years ago and despite all the obvious facts and examples to the contrary people are still falling for it.  Unless you have seen the parents and some proof that said parents are at least 3 to 5 years of age and under 40 pounds or whatever weight their offspring have been promised to be, you are not going to have a pet pig that weighs much less than the parents, and it could easily weigh more.

Male potbellied pigs can breed at a few months old and females can successfully carry a litter at around half a year.  With a 3 to 4 month gestation period the actual parents of a litter could be well under a year old and are most likely 40 to 50 pounds.  Our first potbellied pig was under 30 pounds at one year and 150 pounds at 5 years(and he was not overweight or particularly big).  There are a few 250 pound potbellied pigs that are not overweight and there are a few potbellied pigs that are 70 pounds and not underweight.  These are exceptions, and there is no way to know how big or small a potbellied pig (or a human) will be until it is full grown (at 3 to 5 years of age for pigs).

The weight does not make them bad pets, but a big pig is not going to do well in an apartment, and stairs are going to be difficult or impossible for them.

You can pick up a 25 pound pig to get it down the stairs or into a car, but a 100 pound plus pig is not so transportable.

You have to adapt your house and your lifestyle for a large pet pig.  We have, and we have no regrets.  Our pigs have bought us great joy and great friends, but for people less willing or able to adapt, a large pet pig can bring grief and heartache.

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