California Potbellied Pig Association, Inc

 About the California Potbellied Pig Association

The California Potbellied Pig Association was founded in 1989, making it one of the oldest potbellied pig clubs in the country.  It began with a few new pig owners in the San Francisco Bay Area getting together to discuss this wonderful new pet.  It was decided that they should create a club.

From just a handful of people, this club has now grown to over a thousand members.  Our members come from all over California, the United States and every continent except Antarctica with the majority living in Northern California.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about potbellied pigs.  We have an emailing list of over 1300 people worldwide.  If you would like to be included on our emailing list, please send us your email address, your name, and the city, state and/or country where you are located, to:

As a volunteer organization we have no paid employees.  Our C.P.P.A. volunteers help C.P.P.A. on their own time after working their regular jobs.  So please be patient we will respond to your E-mails when we are able.

Thank You

"Animals are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations,
caught with ourselves in the net of life and time,
fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth."
Henry Beston